Truths Same-Sex Attracted Christians Need to Hear

Our culture offers a particular narrative about homosexuality, describing a move from repression to a place of flourishing by embracing a homosexual identity. This session will give a counter narrative based on 5 truths that same-sex attracted Christians need to hear.

How to Love Christians Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction

There are many Christians wrestling with same-sex attraction in our churches. How can we best support, encourage and help them? This session discusses some of the vital steps to helping them flourish in Christ, as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

Helping Singles Think Biblically About the Past, Present, and Future

The New Testament has a shocking view of singleness. This workshop examines the blessings and challenges of a single life and gives practical suggestions for helping singles see the grace of God at work in them and through them and how the church can better minister to them.

Articles & Handouts

Caring for Singles

For some time now, our house has been a hangout spot for college-age folks. They come to read and talk about the Bible on a weekly basis. Most of these friends are single, yet they desire to find a spouse. My wife and I can relate as we are not too far removed from this age group. But singles often feel isolated in the church. How can we better minister to them? In Craig Marshall’s 2014 workshop on singleness, he covers the following helpful points that benefit biblical counselors as well as the church at large.

  • Empathize and Engage
  • Help the Counselee Think Through Singleness Biblically
  • Encourage the Counselee
  • Encourage the Church

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