Zondra Scott

June 15, 2016

scott-zZondra, saved out of a non-Christian home and a former respiratory therapist, has been in full time Christian ministry with her husband Stuart for 35 years. She has served the Lord, by His grace, as a pastor’s wife, counselor, teacher and musician. Zondra has had many opportunities to be involved in women’s discipleship and counseling at her church, and through One-Eighty Counseling and Education. Her husband is presently a Master’s College graduate professor of Biblical Counseling, and Member Care Director, Fellow and speaker with the ACBC organization. Zondra holds a Bible degree from what is now called Columbia International University, as well as her ACBC Biblical Counseling Certification. As a former counselee herself, Zondra has a particular burden for women with a difficult past, and a passion to help women think more biblically for greater worship, faith, service and joy.

Speaker Schedule

Friday, June 24 at 03:00 PM
Helping Women with Child Sexual Abuse in Their Past: part 1 (women only)
Location: Room 207
Friday, June 24 at 04:15 PM
Helping Women with Child Sexual Abuse in Their Past: part 2 (women only)
Location: Room 207



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