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Graceless Sex

Topics: Sex, Women

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How can sex be graceless? This workshop, for women only, will explore the sinful attitudes and actions that many women fall in to, that can stifle or even completely kill the physical relationship between husband and wife.


  • Caroline Newheiser
    Caroline Newheiser is an ACBC certified counselor and has earned her master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary-Charlotte where she is the Assistant Coordinator of Women’s Counseling. Her husband, Jim, is the Director of the Christian Counseling program and is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Practical Theology at RTS-Charlotte. She has many years of experience counseling women in the local church and has a passion to help women view their lives biblically. She was a pastor’s wife for over 34 years, including 6 years in Saudi Arabia, before moving to Charlotte. She and Jim have three adult sons and four grandchildren.