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No Life without Love: Centrality of Love in Friendship

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Love is at the root of all true friendship. It goes without saying. But all too often, that’s the problem. Because without taking the time to think and speak about it, genuine love can fade and be replaced with all sorts of other motives in our relationships. When we keep genuine Christ-shaped love at the center of our friendships we experience the genuine joy and fellowship friendship was designed to produce.


  • Scott Mehl
    Scott pastors Cornerstone Church of West LA, a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-generational church on the westside of Los Angeles. He is also the Chair of the biblical counseling department at Eternity Bible College and an adjunct faculty member at the Los Angeles Bible Training School. Scott serves on the board of IBCD and as a fellow with ACBC. He is the author of "Loving Messy People: The Messy Art of Helping One Another Become More Like Jesus" and co-authored IBCD’s "Intro to Messy Care and Discipleship" small group curriculum.
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