Tribute to George Scipione by Betsy Smith

From the series:

George (Skip) Scipione was my boss from June of 1994 to 2006. I was a counselee back in 1991 and a fledgling Christian. I knew the gospel, but didn’t know “worry” was a sin! My eyes were opened to Biblical Counseling and when the job came up to help manage the office on College Avenue I applied and was hired! I had met Eileen several years before as a volunteer for the Center for Unplanned Pregnancies and learned that she and George were fervent believers in saving unborn babies. I took all of George’s counseling classes and learned so much from him. He was a kind and patient teacher and we were blessed to have a once per month two-hour prayer meeting for all of our need at IBCD. George was not only an excellent teacher, but a servant, giving himself wholeheartedly to every task set before him. It was an education for me to type his letters to counselees, to people he met on airplanes, etc. He gave of himself to preaching the Gospel wherever he went. I thank God for giving us this saint for 73 years and his entire family. Look forward to seeing him in heaven!