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When To Stop Counseling

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A list of 8 cues that signal a counselee’s readiness to move from official counseling into a more casual discipleship relationship in his local church.

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When to Stop Counseling

  1. When the counselee understands what caused his problems and the biblical way of handling them.
  2. When the counselee becomes comfortable with the new response pattern(s).
  3. When the counselee begins to practice the new pattern(s) automatically.
  4. When the counselee has failed and can diagnose the reason for the failure and make plans for correcting the problem.
  5. When the counselee can state specifically how he has changed.
  6. When the counselee has been tested and has been victorious in the test.
  7. When others have verified the changes in the counselee.
  8. When the counselee starts to share with others what he is learning in counseling, effectively becoming an informal and spontaneous counselor to others.