Helping Women Come Safely Off Anti-Depressants (with their doctor’s help)

This workshop offers practical tips for working with a counselee and their doctor as they come off an antidepressant. It also includes a section that explains the theory of chemical imbalance and why psychiatrists are now saying it is not true.

Difficult Cases and Wisdom in Counseling (Part 2)

Knowing what the Bible says about something is only the first step. You need wisdom to know how to apply Biblical principles to real cases. This workshop examines two real, difficult cases: From Bad to Worse and Back; Dispirited Pastor and His Disgruntled Wife.

Depression: How Do We Care For Those Who Struggle?

We often jump to conclusions about other people’s sin. Strong-minded people are very apt to be hard on the weak and those depressed in spirit. Drawing from the Bible’s wisdom literature, this session urges us to resist simplistic thinking and trite answers, and learn how to enter into the pain of those who are hurting.

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Learning from King David’s Failure

We were shocked last week when we heard that Charles had been caught in a pattern of adultery and deceit and had been removed from office. How could such a thing happen to a man who seemed to have it all together, who had successfully passed through the temptations of his younger years, who seemed to have everything a minister could want? Does this mean that his entire ministry had been a lie? Are the books, articles and tapes he produced worthless? Or did something happen to take a man who had been qualified and used of God and ruin him?

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Finding Rest When There Isn’t Any part 1 {Transcript}

There is a time when faithful servants must rest, and they have a role to play, because after all, someone had to stay behind in the city, didn’t they, with the baggage? I think about those of us as we get older, we’re not able to physically able to do what we once did, and we wonder if being with the baggage is noble. And the answer from the shepherd king is yes. I declare it, as a way of being in the world for us, this is our rule. And I think about those of us who have known mental and emotional fatigue and disablement, and we wonder if we matter, and with the shepherd king, he says yes, you do. It is a way of being among us. In our organizational culture, this is our way. We will not fight one another. We will recognize each person’s role with the amount of work that they can do and the rest that they need. And then he says, all of us, join in this spoil, because God has done it.

Are you emotionally fatigued? It is ugly prayer that you need.

All the physical rest that you desire will not bring the rest you need if it’s emotional fatigue. It will help, it is important, but you’re going to have to ugly pray. Have you ever thought or noticed it like this, like I’ll think to myself in the fall, Midwestern fall, leaves turn different colors and things like that, we eat foods called chili, we watch football. And I’ll think to myself, if I just watch a football game, I’ll rest. And even if my team wins, the game ends, and I am not rested. Even if I laid there physically and did nothing and just put food in my mouth, not chili of course, that would be difficult, but you know, you know what I mean? It’s because whatever’s troubling me internally requires strengthening in the Lord through ugly prayer and there’s no way around it. No amount of video games for younger men, no amount of work in the yard, no amount of physical tinkering in the garage, no amount of taking a nap from the kids, no amount of whatever it is is going to do it, I must ugly pray.

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