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Questions Mentors Ask

December 10, 2015

A list of 15 questions for use in counseling and discipleship. These questions are helpful for anyone seeking to come alongside someone and help them articulate what is in their heart.

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  1. How is your ministry affecting your own relationship with God?
  2. How is your sense of God’s call being clarified?
  3. Where are your skills being tested?
  4. Where is your character being tested?
  5. Where are your hopes and dreams for your future ministry?
  6. What evidence can you point to of the presence and power of God in your ministry?
  7. How is your relationship/communication style impacting your ministry?
  8. As you assess your growth, where do you see areas you need to work on?
  9. What are your felt deficiencies?
  10. What are some new things you could try?
  11. What are some things we could do that would help you to be more a person of integrity?
  12. What pain have you experienced and what were some of the effects of that pain?
  13. How has that shaped who you are?
  14. How might God use your past to prepare you for ministry in the future?
  15. Let’s pretend that God knows what He’s doing in your life, even though things haven’t worked out as you’d hoped. What might He be teaching you through that?
  16. How can I help you?


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