020 Counseling Cases of Domestic Abuse

To close out season 2 of the Care & Discipleship Podcast, Craig Marshall sat down with Jim Newheiser (Director of Biblical Counseling at RTS Charlotte) and Tom Maxham (pastor of Grace Bible Church, Escondido and staff counselor at IBCD) to discuss the tenuous situation of dealing with domestic abuse when counseling a couple. This episode is a response to a listener question and addresses a very relevant issue in the church today. The counselors discuss how to respond not only to physical abuse but also how to think through verbal and emotional abuse. They detail the various ways in which churches tend to make mistakes regarding verbal and emotional abuse and articulate a proper response.  They also engage with the book The Heart of Domestic Abuse written by Chris Moles who will be speaking on the issue at the 2017 Summer Institute and Pre-Conference. 

Counseling in Situations of Separation Divorce and Remarriage

God's design is for marriage to be a lifelong covenant of companionship between one man and one woman but many marriages fall short of this ideal. This session seeks to offer wisdom to counselors working tough questions about separation, divorce and remarriage.


Self-Sacrificing Love

A handout detailing 20 aspects of the self-sacrificing love described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The negative, positive and extra aspects of such love are detailed in rich description.

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Respecting Your Husband…

A 12-question quiz for wives to examine whether their actions communicate respect or disrespect to their husbands. Each question includes the biblical basis for self-reflection.

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50 Questions to Ask Your Wife

A list of 50 questions for husbands to ask their wives. These questions will help them grow in understanding of the woman God has given them and how they can love and serve her better.

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Unfaithfulness Assignment

A handout of reading and reflection assignments for anyone seeking to rebuild their marriage after an affair. This includes specific exercises for both the offending and the offended parties.

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Submission… What is it?

A handout describing the characteristics of biblical submission: what it is not and what it is. This is adapted from The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.

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