Continuationists, Cessationists, and Counseling

If the Holy Spirit is necessary in our counseling, what exactly is His role? What gifts does He employ? This session will briefly sketch the theological positions and identify how each position impacts our view of the Spirit’s role in counseling and the sufficiency of God’s Word.

Christ-Centered Counseling: Radical Ministry in a Darkened World

To cultivate the atmosphere of Christ-Centered counseling in our churches, we must live worthy of the gospel by living through Christ, like Christ, and for Christ. This session will seek to give a real-life picture of what this radical ministry looks like.

Caring for the Whole Person: Understanding the Influences of Nature & Nurture in Counseling

To what extent to our body (nature) and relationships (nurture) affect our hearts? This session discusses how God has created humans as complex creatures  that exist in a social context. Counselors must learn to care for the whole person to counsel effectively.

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